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Posted on May 12, 2016

SALES PERSISTENCE: Hear this: When I was selling door to door,

 chased by security throughout the office building,

and was losing them through changing stairs and elevators

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LEADERSHIP: How to Boost Your Business With Positivity and Get More Results!

Other Topics:

Leadership: How to motivate your Team and Double your Sales!

Meeting Planners,

Give me The Results You Want for your audience,

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Leading with the Heart!

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Leadership: How To Create a Positive Environment for Maximum Results, How to Motivate your team and Eliminate Fears, Doubts, & Worries

That May Be Sabotaging Your Business Success or Slowing Down Progress


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Business Owners, Leaders, Double Your Business!

1. For Business Owners who Want More Results

==> Discover How To Double Your Sales & Profits

Simply By applying simple techniques, and strategies…

==> Humanize your Business
Learn to master communication and the power of positivity by doing this…

2. Leadership: For Leaders, Managers, CEO’s

==> How to MOTIVATE YOUR TEAM: inject positivity and humanity in your business

so your employees feel more motivated and produce more results,

so your business will roll smoothly, and effortlessly, with this…

==> Learn the 3 major Mistakes that business owners and leaders do

that slow down their business to a mere trickle, doing this…

illustrated with:

  • Stories,
  • Anecdotes,
  • Activities,
  • Examples,
  • Motivating Words


Leading with the heart! 

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How to Get a Free $ 2,000 Seat at a Training!

As you may know already, I wrote several books on how to succeed in your career, and in your life like here. I ask you to please help: read the free excerpt of my book, on, and leave a testimony. ——-

I intend to hoId a contest soon with a prize of great value.  But first, if you want to get automatically, and weekly the posts I write, please write to me on : info AT . so I can send you great value tips

My last give away : a free seat to a 3-day intensive training in LA, a Callan Rush Training (value $2,000) How to start in the “live event training”. That was great! She’s was a teacher and decided to go into training , and is very successful now. she was training us, expecting a baby, aka, pregnant, and we met great people there.

Anyway , keep in touch, and I will surely help you succeed.
Love and Light to You,

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How to Reach Success and Happiness: A Tip…

There are 2 Kinds of knowledge.
The knowledge of the mind ==> intelligence…
and the knowledge of the heart ==> wisdom.
Or if you want, the thought process and the feeling /emotion process.
Now I ask you a question:
Which one do you think is the major cause for success and happiness?
Why are there people wandering around with degrees and not feeling successful or happy? 
and why are there people having a minimum of material stuff and busting with happiness, and feeling successful?
Would you think that knowledge alone will bring you success, the as a result happiness ?
Or would you think that maybe , maybe.. a life based n wisdom, emotions, feelings, connection will bring a certain sense of success and definitely happiness?                  …   Are you chasing after the wrong rabbit?                                                                     I hope these few words will trigger a moment to stop running, and just pause a little for a 10 minutes thinking.  I call this a heart thinking, because if you do , you will find an answer to your question, to your quest.                                                        

 Wishing you happiness and Success!

Posted by: Emrick | July 13, 2014

All you need is Love!

love love love all you need is love (the Beatles )

I did a net search for the following words, take a look at the result!: 

Love                 About  1,760,000,000 results

Money            About      731,000,000 results

Friends           About      706,000,000 results

God                 About      381,000,000 results

Success         About      302,000,000 results

Happiness      About        94,000,000 results

Wealth            About        69,800,000 results

Love came up first! Money came second, but shouldn’t Love and Friends be in the same category? then it could be Love and Friends, then money, then God right? 

Posted by: Emrick | July 9, 2014

How to be an Expert in 7 Steps


Someone recently asked me how to become an expert.
These are my suggestions:

1. CHOOSE your area of knowledge ,

Something you are passionate about. What is your passion? what you always talk about! 

Then study your Area of Knowledge.
Read books about it, read articles,
read what others are saying, blogs, articles, listen to the experts.

Go to events where you have a chance to listen to experts, or mix with others who are in your field of knowledge. Be open to others; sometimes they will offer or recommend you to other sources, other people, etc. to finish your project. 

Sometimes when I listen to an expert in webinars, trainings, seminars, who will mention some book titles.  I write the title carefully and then check it out. Sometimes this is going to be the book I was looking for for my project.  

Be aware of that: We become an expert more by listening than by speaking, and by giving undivided attention to the other experts; they may have something  you don’t have, a technique you may use, an approacch you have not thought about. etc.

Choose your sources carefully. (You know,  the information over load?)
Some books are just platitudes and a waste of time to read and to finish; be aware of it.

When I read a book and see that it is just beating around the bushes all over, I jump to the next chapter or jump around the chapters and evaluate if it worth reading. 

I have noticed that for me it is a game to become an expert; I just play detective, observe quietly, follow a path, but always with a playful approach. I play the game of the Expert. 

Also, I ask question to the Universe; like “What do I need to do now to finish my research, my project? What is the next step?”

There is more coming SOON! 

So here it is ! This is how to become an Expert IN  7 STEPS. I know there is much more to it, but you got the idea!
So now go ahead and learn, be curious, be passionate, read about the great ones,
and from the great ones, listen to them live or on videos,
and be critical of your sources, authors, speakers, in the sense of making a difference between the ones full of hot air,
and the one full of knowledge and wisdom.

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How to Succeed with Your True Purpose

Here is a video telling you how to succeed when you are in true purpose. 

and Here is a video to welcome you here. 

But don’t take my word for it! try it for yourself! Experiment! you’ll see!

Amma’s Darshan and the Power of Hugs

We need to hug others. effects: Violence disappears, care grows, high vibrations rise…
This is the greatest human gesture; we are all caring beings ;
we just have to acknowledge it, and hug.
A hug shows we care , as of brothers and sisters.
Jesus was a hugger! Spiritual leaders are huggers!
All except Gandhi , Indian. Now a new trend comes to India a a new wave: hugging.
(With hope this is not going to be reserved privilege to only gurus and “saints”.)
Try to be angry after hugging someone; you can’t!
That’s because you are in the state of Pure Love and Pure Consciousness!
Hugs comfort, heal, empower, and make the world a better place.
But don’t take my word for it! try it for yourself! Experiment!
In Love and Light,
Posted by: Emrick | January 3, 2014

How to Attract Happiness and Success

Scientists found that happiness was the cause of success; not the other way around.


Most of us have grown with pp telling us to work hard so we get to succeed and then “boom!” we become happy.

Well , if this was the case, there wouldn’t be so many cases of suicide within the “wealthy/successful” community.

There is something happening to many people who reach “success”; they become greedy, because all their beliefs is in papers.

Many forgot their mission. They become bored with their “toys”. They find themselves insulated and become obsessed with getting the last model.  


Simple. Happiness comes from the inside. some people have virtually nothing, struggle everyday, but are truly happy.

They have a community of like minded people around them, help , share and care about their community.

There is no competition in their mind, but cooperation. Mother Teresa was one. Gandhi was another. It is of course one image of happiness.

There is another kind, the “west world” image of happiness, like the “enlightened millionaires who use their fortune to help people around.

One such  individual is Sir Richard Branson, who is seen helping people all around. understanding that helping , caring , sharing , and serving are the true source of happiness.

Tony Robbins started to help poor families, and always ready to help. And of course countless volunteers who understand that concept.
So how do we become happier?

* Appreciate everything in your life; a good fruit, a good laugh, a nice song, a bird singing, a nice smile, your car, your family, your home, etc.

* Be open to others. Do Not try to change them! Accept them for who they are!

* Help others when the occasion rises.

* Share a moment or a meal with someone.

* Care about others feelings, problems,and be supportive to them.

* Serve others. Do the best you can into providing something of value. A good advice, a referral, something to help a business.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself! Experiment!

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Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

First I want you to have a great new year 2014.

I promised myself the following: to spread out my message to more people. 

To write and speak better to you, and to give you what you really want.

To help you better to succeed, and to talk better to your heart.

If you think I don’t talk enough about a certain topic common to most of you, please, 

just leave a comment here or on my facebook page, egaram. 

May Peace, Love and Harmony shower each and every one of you,

in Love and Gratitude,


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The Power of Forgiveness

I heard about Landmark Forum, and recently Someone invited to to check it out. So I went. I found that their members succeeded [Strictly] in the basis of how much they forgive their relatives and/or spouse.
What is my point here? FORGIVE! Let go! and this will give you more
So this week, focus on FORGIVING TRULY and GENUINELY.
Then be patient, and look at your results!
Plus: Isn’t it the best time of the year to do that?
but don’t go by me, Try it for yourself!
in Love and Blessings,


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