Posted by: Emrick | April 26, 2008

About Success, Happiness, Freedom, Health

You want Happiness, Health, Freedom, Success.
After reading many articles and books, here are the main points coming up often.
Have a morning mini-ritual: read aloud whatever you want to have.
For Example: “I accept everything change including me. I let go of my past limitations.”
Repeating every morning a set of sentences, or affirmations, will go to your subconscious, and
later will start taking shape in your life. An important point: Want without need.
First be happy for what you ask, then what you ask for is on its way.
A simple rest of you mind, where you thank God or the Universe for giving you already what you asked, is a form of meditation. This should be done often, at least before going to sleep. Someone, at the minute he was getting up every morning thanked God and the Universe for not being in pain, and be healthy. Other forms of meditation are chanting a Mantra, Ohm. An author, Joe Vitale, repeats “I love you,” all day long.
*Be grateful
So many of us are wound up into ideas such as”I don’t have this or that” instead of being conscious of what they have. This is a form of un-happiness. To the contrary, we should all be grateful for what we have.
* Write down your desires (goals).
This seems quite basic, but help your goal to take shape.
Do you remember, in the Ten Commandments, when Ramses says “So let it be written,
so let it be done!”
* Keep a picture book
This is the kind of note book where you paste pictures of things you want.
* Take inspired Actions
Whenever you have an idea with an intuition, or inspiration, take action about it. Be on the lookout for inspiration. Nothing is going to happen if no action is taken.
* Have faith
Look a little closer to your life, after a few days doing these things. There will be little changes first, then … coincidences are going to start showing more and more!
You see, miracles happen all the time, all we have to do is to start looking!

If you do these things regularly, good things start to happen!
One last thing: If you are open to people, and start sharing (time), helping, caring (little nice words), and giving (charities- clothes, food, money), Happiness, Freedom (emotional ), health, and Success are on your way!

Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Success

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