Posted by: Emrick | May 11, 2008

Ancient Tibetan Secrets for Youth and Rejuvenation

Have you heard about ancient secrets for youth and rejuvenation? Well, here you are!
Found this site. Thank you Mary Kurus! These exercises are sometimes called Ancient Tibetan Secrets for Youth and Rejuvenation.

In her own words, Mary wrote: “These exercises will stretch muscles you haven’t felt in years so approach this program gently and begin with one or two repetitions each day…
Not only will it contribute to your physical health, it will give you the opportunity to enjoy all of nature around you. You will feel younger than you have felt in years. Happy and Joyous Vibrant Health. With Love and Caring, Mary Kurus

To Your Health! Happiness, Freedom, Success!

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  1. Benefits of the 5 Tibetans exercises
    1. Double chin gone
    2. Midriff slimmer
    3. Upper arms firmer
    4. More energy
    5. Increased muscle tone
    6. Early morning wake-up lift

    Doing the Tibetans
    Tibetans Exercise 1 (Whirling)
    Tibetans Exercise 2 (Leg Raises)
    Tibetans Exercise 3 (Camel)
    Tibetans Exercise 4 (Crab Lifts)
    Tibetans Exercise 5 (Up and Down Dog)

    To view VIDEO of 5 Tibetan Exercises please log on to the below web site

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