Posted by: Emrick | August 7, 2008

Successful Human Communication Tips

Benjamin Franklin was appointed Ambassador to France. The reason? He was very adroit in handling people. The secret of his success? “I will speak ill of no one, and speak all the good I know of everybody.”
“A great man shows his greatness by the way he treat little men. ” Carlyle
Instead of condemning, or criticizing people, let’s try to understand them.
Can you imagine a world where everybody try to understand others? There would be no war, no gangs, no hatred, no violence, no divorces, a few jails, and much much joy all around!
Well, to change the world, let’s start with us.
Let us read elevating literature, meditate, be generous and open to people, be caring and share, see the world as an opportunity to elevate our soul , our sacred divine, and make the world a better place.
Let’s be more contemplative of the beauty of a smile, a good action, the good side of the people we know. Our spouse, children, friends, relatives, the cashier, the poor in the street, and think good about all these people around us, let us also stop running and admire a flower, a bird singing, a beautiful sunset, a tree, a flower, and take inside of us a breath of these peaceful opportunities so we can later exhale peace around us.
Let us change one habit at a time. Let us learn to forgive and move on. Let us forget an incident and see that they are not done with will to hurt, but with will to love. Because all this, will fill your heart with positive energy, and positive energy will attract good things to your life. A friendly person is never alone. When you fill your heart with positive, it pushes away the negative.
Then you will see miracles happening all around you, you will feel fantastic, alive, and will thank God (or the Creator, Universe) for a wonderful life you live!
The power of Love is like the Sun. We need it and we need to give it first, in order to receive it.
So starting today, shine! Shine like a diamond, smile to yourself and love yourself in order to love others, and then , full or positive energy, go out and shine, spread this wonderful gift of Love to all around you. Remember, we all get this Gift of Love. We just have to let us open and accept it. Breathe in The Love that God /Universe is sending us so generously.
Desire good things to others, and when you give a dollar to the poor, smile to him, say a nice word , and send him secretly a blessing. You will see incredible reactions! Be like a child. Observe them interacting with others. They are showing us what we need more. They accept all and are open to the world.
Again, The power of Love is like the Sun. We need it. To receive it, we need to give it first. Look for the occasion to give it. Be open to it, you’ll see!

Peace, Happiness, Joy to You!


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