Posted by: Emrick | October 14, 2008

Talk about Money and Recession

Money.   Now that is a topic we think a lot about.  These days, wow, it is on everybody’s lips.  but…

Here are some tips for you.

Money should be looked at as a mean, not a goal.
Our focus should be on what we want, not on just “having
more money,
It is just a mean, a secondary or tertiary thing to think about.
As a matter of fact, very likely wealthy men don’t always think about
being wealthy, being rich, etc.”  money.
The more we think about
money, in my experience, the less it shows up.  Why? Because it creates a state of scarcity in your mind.
But the more we think about things to do or buy, and the more
money shows.  Just try that!
Instead of thinking or
saying money, we should focus on our present moment action,
our objectives, and not get lost in the “
money mind warp.”

Also, let’s remember that money is not there to stay with one person or to be saved,
but it is designed to change hands, to be spent or given.
Money likes to travel.                                          Just picture this: money is like a balloon; the more it travels, the more people inflate this balloon.  Have you tried to save a balloon for a couple of weeks (even less)? It becomes all deflated and useless. so it is with money.
The economy recession we are living now is the result of people being too “
attached” to their money, and not spending.  All that because of a handful of criminals who abused the system.  Then it made us wonder what happened to our money.

STOP ! We have to wake up and see that this is most of it in our mind!  The fact is : Since money gets more value as it is spent, or change hands (yes, money likes speed) the result in holding it a “value losing” event. Don’t be scared, be trusting, invest, spend, and don’t get stuck in the mud of scarcity!  The Divine Universe provides us with an abundance of things, no scarcity is know in the natural world, there is an Abundance of everything!

Money is energy. Money likes to travel.  It likes to travel fast. Money is made to be spent not kept or saves.  The Universe is really going to provide with it whenever we need it.  We have to trust more.

By the way, Money is not ours, ever, but a gift from the Universe, just like energy.

Be trusty, generous, and prosperous!


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