Posted by: Emrick | December 9, 2008

Stressed? Try Deep Breathing

Are You stressed? Here are some tips how to relax. when stressed, you need
to focus on your breathing. stressed out : breathing is shallow and fast.
Just breath 3 long breaths like when you you sigh. Then, breathe using you diaphragm, so you see your belly moving.
inhale with your nose, (imagine good energy coming in)
and exhale (aka breathe out ) using your mouth.( imagine low, bad energy coming out of your mouth and dissipating in the air.
Do all this very slowly.
try to burn some incense ,
and play a relaxing music on youtube (under : relaxing music or relainxing sounds)
or if you have a new age unwinding soft music CD.
smile! (there is true magic in smiling) (Smile to yourself and greet yourself in the mirror! It works!
Love, Peace and Happiness to you!
Remember, love people and people will love you!


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