Posted by: Emrick | December 24, 2008

To Be Happy, Try Being Grateful

To be happy, try being grateful. Being grateful is something we have to do if not always, from time to time. Obeserve and be grateful for your life. If you are healthy, be grateful. If you can see, hear, walk, be grateful. If you have children who run to you and hug you, be grateful . If you have someone who says “I love you,” be grateful.If you have a home, be grateful.  If you have a car that runs well, be grateful. If you can have one day of rest, be grateful.  For all these things are not given to all of us on earth. We often disregards what we have, and crave for what we don’t have. But to be blessed is to turn this craving for bigger-nicer-better into seeing our blessings,  what we already have. This is so important for our happiness. Try to share this state of bliss with all you can meet in your day. A nice word to the cashier, a helpful hand to this lady, a smile to the sales person, all these acts go a long way. We often forget how a smile, a nice word can “save the day” of someone, or even save a somebody’s life. From time to time, take a piece of paper and start listing all your blessings ; you will be amazed of all the things and person, and people you took for granted.


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