Posted by: Emrick | January 3, 2009

Goals and Emotions

We have the tendency to see the world with our feelings.  The problem is that if we perceive the world with too many negative feelings, it will impair with reaching our goals. A cause of negative emotions, which impairs your ability to reach your goals, is to be too concerned about the way others treat you.  For some people their self-image is determined by the way others treat them, speak to them, or look at them. They don’t have much sense of self-worth except that of opinion of others. If thos opinons are negative, even sometimes created by the mind, the viscimt fels anger, shame, embarrassment, depression, inferiority, despair and self-pity. This support why psychologists say that most anything we do is to earn respect of others, or to the least not lose their respect.

To Your success!


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