Posted by: Emrick | February 10, 2009

Developing Self-esteem

Developing Self-esteem

The friends that we choose is another factor that will affect the kind of self-esteem that we have. Friends who nurture and are great influence to us will help us develop and increase our low self-esteem while those who seek to put us down will only contribute to our downfall. This is why it is important to also choose the group that we will go with as they can determine the kind of self-esteem that we will develop while we are with them.

Surrounding ourselves with people who affirm our talents and capabilities, people who believe in us, increases our self-confidence. And when we trust ourselves enough to do our work well, we actually do the work well. This leads to positive cycle that will increase our self-esteem to high levels.

Another factor that builds the self-esteem is the kind of activities that we enjoy and the things that we do. For instance, being stuck with a college course that we do not like can do bad things for our self-esteem as opposed to being enrolled in a course that we enjoy and is interested in.

Being able to do the things that we love can help in building our self-esteem. When we love what we do, we become enthusiastic and we do our best. This leads to remarkable achievements and complishments, which will then increase our self-esteem.

Remember If You Have a Strong Self-esteem, The Sky is the limit! self-esteem to read more about it and see what is available for you!

Success and Happiness!


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