Posted by: Emrick | February 24, 2009

How to Attract More in Your Life

Happiness; we are always searching on how to improve our level of happiness. This is one way to do it.  How to Attract More in Your Life. There are a number of people talking and writing about how to attract more, the law of attraction, the Universal Law, etc.

A Law of Attraction BestSeller

One best-seller, the Secret, gave birth to this movie, named after the book, which many have watched and talked about. Basically, it explains the law of attraction as an ancient secret which was passed from prominent individuals to their successors. This was a legacy passed through generations, from head of state to their heir or followers, from head of secret societies to their members, etc. It is a good movie, but the “Hollywood“ touch of wooshes and special effects take a little of the serious topic, and makes it a little light.

Law of Attraction and Science.

The point is, there is something in relation between our minds and our reality. This has been proven by eminent quantum physicians and scientists. Their conclusion about the power of the mind was in simple words that “any scientific experience where an event was being observed; the action of the presence of an observer affected the outcome of the event. The molecular composition of the particles of a very small object was altered or changed by the fact that the object was being observed!” Even Einstein had mentioned a similar conclusion! Simple Law of Attraction Steps for you So what is it for you? If you think positively about any event, object, or people, they are going to be responding in a positive manner to you. To attract something, you need to think about the object of your desire with a positive mind, with as many details as possible, and with as much strong emotion you can deliver in the visualization process. In summary: This is a suggestion: First you make a list of what you don’t want . Then make a list of what you do want. Next, Visualize with as much details and emotion you can. Finally, let it go.

Most Important Step: Let It Go.

Let it go, release your desires in the hands of the Universe with trust. Universe is also called God, or Source. This step is crucial for a positive outcome or realization. The reason: You already have charged it, but don’t think of it too much. This will alter negatively your object of desire, because it will create a state of scarcity in your mind in relation to your desire. You don’t want that to be “connected” to your desire or goal. It would be like a “bug” on your object. Among many discoveries, I found this prayer by Will Bowen.


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