Posted by: Emrick | March 13, 2009

Positive Attitude Quotes

Positive attitude quote that will help you redefining your life and attitude toward life in general .


This morning, I overheard a conversation. A negative conversation.F rom gas prices to layoffs, this person was complaining about everything. This person DEFEATED HIMSELF. The economy didn’t defeat him, his boss didn’t defeat him, he DEFEATED  HIMSELF. That’s the power of our MENTAL ATTITUDE. It can cause us to WIN, to TRIUMPH, or to defeat ourselves. This is very important.It’s so easy to look to the left or look to the right and find somebody complaining about something. It’s so easy to join in. Misery loves company.

Don’t do it.


YOU weren’t born to complain. YOU my friend were born to WIN. We make our own economy.Work on yourself. Become valuable to others.

Become ATTRACTIVE to others. Become a problem solver to others.

Don’t pass on a complaining, victim driven attitude to your kids. Pass on the SPIRIT of a HERO. A winner. Don’t take two steps today. Take one.

Move forward ! Start speaking TRIUMPH over your life.

Say: I am VALUABLE. People are drawn to me.

I am TALENTED.  I like people and people like me.

Start going the extra mile for others.  Watch what happens.  Get clear on what you want.

If you’re at a job right now and you want to leave it.

Find out how much money you need to make consistently each  month to leave that job and make that your goal.

Don’t make $1 Million your goal! Make it your goal for your

business to pay your monthly expenses plus.   Get started Now! Don’t join the ‘complaining party’ That party will always be there. You’re ABOVE IT.

The world is waiting to EXPERIENCE your gifts, talents, and  abilities. Will you let them?

You’re The Best!”

” Be the gift you want to get. ” Mike Litman



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