Posted by: Emrick | May 23, 2009

A Great Secret to Happiness: What do You Love?

We cannot perform our best when we spend our days in an environment that we don’t love.  Too many are going after this Guru and his secrets , and this guru and his methods, instead of going after what they love.  What you love which is the key to your happiness and success is often right in front of you.

A person is most efficient and will quickly succeed if they perform the work they love.  That person , engaged in a work that he or she loves, does not get the support of his friends and relatives.  Now. What do you enjoy doing? What is your passion?  What do you enjoy to do? What problem can you solve? Put you mind into placing yourself in a field where you can serve others. The power of giving is way under rated. People think that by saving and keeping they going to have more.  But this behavior cancels the beneficial energy created from positive thinking, and even creates a state of scarcity, canceling out  the feeling of abundance.

You know already that Happiness is not a goal, it is a way of life!   And one way to get happiness is to serve others. In a small humble way, or in a bigger way.

NEWS: The group included  Bill Gates (1); Warren E. Buffet  (2); Mayor Bloomberg (17);George Soros (29); the real estate developer Eli Broad (93) and his wife, Edythe; Oprah Winfrey (234);David Rockefeller Sr. (305) and his son David Rockefeller Jr.;Ted Turner (376); Peter G. Peterson (430), co-founder of the Blackstone Group, the private equity firm;Julian H. Roberston , Jr.  (559), who ran a prominent hedge fund; and John P. Morgridge (647), former chairman of Cisco Systems , and his wife, Tashia.

As mentioned above, lately Bill Gates , and several other wealthy personalities, all help oriented minds, despite the fact they are wealthy, gathered and discussed how they could help .

“The participants have reputations as outsize philanthropists, and many have teamed up on causes. Mr. Buffet, for example, recently pledged to donate the bulk of his fortune, currently estimated at $37 billion, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . Together, the men and women at the meeting had donated more than $72.5 billion to charitable causes since 1996, accorind to an estimate by  The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  …“Various members of the group have been talking about philanthropy,” she said. “This is a time when the needs are great. So it seemed like a really good time to get together…The discussions centered on charitable giving, and participants talked about their personal causes, told of lessons they had learned, and suggested ways to improve and increase philanthropic efforts, Ms. Stonesifer said.


Their concern was to help not to profit. They don’t focus on getting, but on helping and giving.  …on helping and giving.

Happiness and Success to You!


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