Posted by: Emrick | June 10, 2009

Word of Inspiration and Motivation

Today, there is a great short piece of writing from a great coach: Mike Litman . He is a great source of inspiration for many.  It is true that if you do things for others, it will come back to you !

The fastest way to bring more and more great encouragers and
life-enlargers into your life is to FIRST encourage someone else.

Few ideas:

Smile at someone.

Tell someone “You’re proud of them.”

Say, “I love you.”

Say, “I believe in you.”

Say, “I appreciate you.”

Lose yourself in other people and watch people enter your life and
push you forward.

If you’ll COMMIT to encouraging at least ONE person in the next 24
hours, leave your comment below.

When we look for GOOD in others, we always find it.

When this becomes a HABIT in life, our happiness and success soars.

Be sincere. Be a life-enlarger. Bring more LOVERAGE into your life.

My friend, I am so EXCITED for you. Great opportunities and people
are about to enter your life in a meaningful way. Believe it.

If you’re in, let us know in the comments below.

The thousands of people reading this right now believe in YOU.

They do. They see you as hopeful, optimistic, always EXPECTING the

Change lives to change your own life.

Be a model of great living for generations in your family that
you’ll never meet.

found on

Success and Happiness to You!


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