Posted by: Emrick | June 13, 2009

In Times of Struggle

When it is time to Surrender to God?

When you did everything possible to get better, especially in times or struggle, health, or addiction, just turn to God-Source and say: “I surrender.” Surrender to God. You are never alone.

If you resist, and say “I am better than this , I can do this alone!” (by the way; What you resist, persists.) This is your ego speaking. This is the side of you who thinks is better than God –source (also known as Universe, Creator, God). The ego pulls you away from God-source. And sometimes counteract with God-Source. Your life, your possessions, your stuff, your work, are all given to you by God-Source; admit these are not really yours, but a loan to you. You are here experiencing it. You can create a life of abundance, but not entirely by yourself.  You need to acknowledge a “creation –Partner”, a team work with God-Source.  But sometimes, you have to be humble, and tell  God-Source:” I surrender. I don’t know what to do now. I surrender to You.” And God-source, your partner, will come and help you.


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