Posted by: Emrick | July 26, 2009

How to Accomplish Great Achievements

Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and other leading philosophers,  guides,  and spiritual speakers have said it. The two primal feelings or primal emotions from which stem All emotions are: Love and Fear. It is from fear that hate stems out of!

So , what do one needs to make a great achievement in his life? Love what you do, love your life, love the world around you! Stop running and walk! Admire the sunset, and the stars, listen to the birds singing in the morning, appreciate every little piece of good in Your life!  And when You are in this state of gratitude and contemplation, you are in touch with God-Source, your eternal partner. You are never alone! When you realize that you can do  things up to a certain point, but you realize that You need to Allow God-Source or Universe-Source to finish with the details, You will indeed accomplish the greatest achievements You ever imagine! So trust God-Source, or Source-Universe!

Rest assured: You are never alone! You can accomplish anything you want!

Be happy!

“Don’t look for “this or that” to create your happiness; BUT first create happiness in your heart, smile often, laugh, be thankful, and then only then, “this or that” will be created.”


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