Posted by: Emrick | July 31, 2009

Attitude and Changing Your Life

The other day, I witnessed a conversation. A quite negative driven conversation. This individual was talking about gas prices, crisis, layoffs, and so on. This person was non-stop complaining about anything and everything. This person defeated himself. It was surely not the economy! It  didn’t defeat him, his boss didn’t defeat him, he defeated himself. That, is the power of your mental attitude. It can cause you to win, to triumph, or to defeat yourself. This is very important. It’s so easy to look around and find somebody complaining about something. It’s so easy to join in. Remember: Misery loves company. Don’t go into that world! You are better than that! No,  no! Don’t do it! Don’t do that to yourself!  You were not born to complain. You were born to soar, to win… more on this on


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