Posted by: Emrick | September 3, 2009

Tibet: How People Live Happy

In Tibet, in spite of misery, soldiers around, and a harsh climate, Tibetans are an example of devotion. They are most of them with a smile, monks abounds in the street with a real sense of life, and they are much much poorer than any Chinese. Why? Because they are not focused at all on material things like most of the Chinese and Westerners. They are very approachable people. When they go to the temple, they pray, they even go in a circle around the temple , praying. They can completely lie down on the ground. The most common prayer is : “Om Mani Padme Ohm.”  There is a movie explaining their faith, especially the Dalai Lama’s life and philosophy. Even though I stayed just ofr 4 days, came back new, with a grateful attitude. These people have nothing, but they are still grateful for the little they have. What a lesson to learn!

“Do not look for happiness outside of you. Happiness is only inside of you. You decide whether or not you are happy.” “be thankful for what you already have, for it is probably much more than anyone will ever have…:

Be Happy, and Sing a children song today!


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