Posted by: Emrick | January 1, 2011

Why I Want To Be RICH

Today, I have come to a crossroad in my life. I just found that I want to be rich. I mean wealthy. I mean a Millionaire. I made the decision that my life is going to change in a tremendous way. Why? Because I have personal projects, and also because I have projects such as gathering a team of experts to to start a Humanitarian project…. For more, CLICK HERE …continuing being a life coach and give away tips, but I just wanted to let you know, dear readers, that I want more. This will allow me to help more and more.

My Motivation: To do more, To Give More, to Help more, I have to have more!

Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You!



  1. Great writing! your words inspired me, and I am going to set up my goals, write them, list them, and read them as often as I can. I believe! thank you!

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