Posted by: Emrick | October 19, 2011

Lottery Winner on Dreaming,Goals, Visualizing, and Believing

From an interview with Cynthia Stafford, on Dreaming, Goals, Visualizing and Believing, she mentioned that she always has given to charities, eg, UNICEF, and she dreamed [with her dad] of one day being a film producer, and make a difference.  She also said, ” If you believe in it, you manifest it. I visualize the end result of my goals. [That is what I do]. Believe in your goals, seeing them, being it. Then I put is out there, into the Universe and it happens all the time. … In the film world, they call that “Magic.” …and Magic is what it’s all about!”

Now I say unto you: “Keep on dreaming, visualizing the end result, who you want to be, and believe in your dreams.”Don’t give up!”

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