Posted by: Emrick | January 29, 2012

Raise Your Happiness Level

Are you Happy, living fully? Do you want to raise your Happiness level?     Are you living in the Now? or Are you living in the “What ‘s Next?” 

Marci Shimof said, “We have is backwards, Happiness doesn’t come from outside, but for the inside . first you feel happy, then you get more from life.” It si not the other way around a lot of people think when I have, a large mansion, a million dollar, a yacht, etc, then I will be happy.   But that is not true. If it were , why so many actors , singers, etc. would take drugs, alcohol, even commit suicide? Isn’t it a proof that you may have riches , but when you get there you are exactly the same person with more toys?

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This is How you can be Living Fully, and Raise Your Happiness.

Appreciate everything and anything. Try to meditate to move out the unnecessary thoughts from your mind.

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 I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 


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