Posted by: Emrick | December 13, 2013

Free Speaker

If you need a transformational speaker, around Los Angeles,
for the next 2 months, I will speak for FREE; as a donation.
Plz contact me if interested. I have inspirational stories to share. My pleasure!
–> I energize and empower my audience,
give them a step- by- step process to
* have more power over obstacles, connect better with people around,
* be more focused and energized,
* see more clearly their way ahead,
* achieve much more than they can imagine.
(recently, I helped a RE agent close a 10,25 mil deal right here, in LA!)
I speak to : teens, Sales Teams, entrepreneurs, free lance, small biz owners,
sales reps, RE agents, Ins Agents, and pp who feel they are “stuck.”
–> quality guaranteed
If you want some change for your people, I am here to serve them!
Believe You Can – Emrick Garam


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