Posted by: Emrick | December 13, 2013


Young man, Young lady,       Right now, you may be afraid. you may be afraid of your failure. But it’s OK.  You may be afraid of How you gonna make it through this. It’s OK. You’re not alone. Many have crossed this rough spot you are in. You’re not the first, you won’t be the last. Don’t give up. Just remember: Go out, Open up to others, Try to give of yourself, serve, and help!  Reach out!  You need to know why you’ re here ! it is not for nothing! You ‘re here for a purpose!  It is not to suffer!

You need to reach out and help others, you will feel good about you, I promise you you will feel the difference.  In serving you will feel FREE!

You made mistakes? So what everybody makes mistakes! Even adults! It is part of buidling yourself up! Each time you fail, you come back up stronger!

When you were a baby, and start walking,  did you fall? Yes! Did you fall when running? Yes! Did you fall while biking? yes!  Did you give up? No! All this is a process learn to walk in order to run, then learn to run in order bike, and so forth.   Making mistakes, and falling is also part of your growth!

Don’t give up on yourself and don’t be afraid to be afraid! Face your Fear!  If you’re afraid, face your fear, and press on, push on, and go through it. Don’t’ tell yourself lies, don’t ignore you fear! Fell your fear and do it anyway! What knocks you down makes you stronger! And don’t be afraid to talk to a caring adult,  Asking for help is the beginning of your success.

So move one, help someone and feel FREE!  I don’t know who you are, but I know one thing: you have greatness within you !  And people need you right now, They’re waiting for you!Don’t do bad on you! You are wonderful, and unique!    ~~~~~~

you are important ; you are on a mission; you are unique; you are precious; people need you; people are looking for you; don’t waste yourself; you have greatness in you ; you just need to open up, to help out; to be there of others; if you help others even the smallest help possible, like holding the door, you will discover how incredible you are; you will see that serving is happiness. Serving others will set you free!

Peace out ! you rock! 


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